Step-by-Step Overview of the Business Card Maker
Below you'll find a step-by-step overview of the card making process. For a more detailed look at using the text tools, click here.
Step 1: Choose your design by clicking on a category and then clicking on the design you wish to customize.
Step 2: Enter your information. This information will be saved and used to start each new card you design.

Step 4: Design the Front of Your Card

See below to learn how to use the text and color tools on the Business Card Maker.

When you are done designing the front use the "Next Step" arrow button

Step 5: Choose your card back style

For one sided cards choose "Blank Back"

Step 6: Design the back of your card.
Step 7: Save your card if you'd like to come back to it later.
When you are done designing the back use the "Next Step" arrow button

Step 8: Choose to order printed cards or print at home.

Choose the option on the left to order printed cards and ou will be guided through the order process and presented options for paper stock etc. Or choose the right button to go to the PDF creation page for home printing.

Step 9: Choose your PDF Layout.

If you're printing at home you can use a layout with 10 or 8 cards per page (8 cards per page are for borderless cards).

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