How To Make an Free Etsy Banner on Business Card Star
How To Make an Free Etsy Banner on Business Card Star

Here are instructions for how to make your own Etsy Shop Banner using the Free Etsy Banner Maker on Business Card Star.

Choose a Base Template

To begin pick a starting design. You can always turn one or both of the design elements to the background color if you don't want to use them once you've started.

Choose Your Colors

Use the "Artwork" and Background Color swatches on the top to get your color scheme going.

Customize your Text

Now you can add the name of your Etsy Shop and any additional information you'd like using the text tools. Double click on the text boxes you'd like to edit.

You can add more text boxes using the "Add Text" button on top (#1 below). You can remove any text boxes using the "Remove Selected" button on the bottom (#2 below). Select a text box to style the size, font, and color using the text controls on the lower right (#3 below). You can also change the alignment of multi-line text using the "Alignment" options in the text controls.

Add A Photo of Your Etsy Products

If you want to add a photo or two of your Etsy Shop products to your banner (you can add as many as you'd like) Use the "Add Image" button on the top right. Choose a JPG or PNG file from your computer and it will appear on your banner.

You can use PNG files with transparency if you want to have your images silhouetted in the banner with the background showing. Or if you have images with white backgrounds you might find that a white background for your image looks best.

Position your Etsy Product Shots and Choose Image Ordering

Use the work area below the dashed line to position and scale your images. Anything below the dashed line will not be included in your banner.

You can also move the image (and text as well) above or behind any other element using the "Forward" and "Backward" buttons when the image is selected. You can also remove any image element by selecting it and using the "Remove Selected" button.

Have Your Free Etsy Banner Sent to You

When you are done you can click on the "Get My Banner" button. On the next screen enter your email and answer the captcha question and your perfectly sized 760 x 100 Etsy Shop Banner will be sent to you.

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